mobee !

Mobee does
it for you…


Hi, there! We are Osnabrück’s new,
more environmentally friendly and flexible
e-bike transport and service.
With the friendly smiling “mobee” as symbol
from now on we want to be easy
recognizable for you as
the provider for e-mobile transport
and service in Osnabrück.

  • ... by this!

  • ... by this!

  • ... and by this!

  • ... or these!

clean, fast
and individually.

That’s our motto!
And by this we are now as “mobee”
on the way for you.
We take care of small transports
of all kinds with up to max. 150kg loading weight.
We handle your shipments on call,
recurring subscription transports
and take on service transports for you.
On request we also deliver “in time”!